The fifth single is called My Message

This time I am back to my original roots. The fifth single is called My Message and was conceived to be sung in English. A powerful song dedicated to the audience because this is My Message to all of YOU…

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The fourth single is called Es Causa y Efecto

Get ready to jump out of your seat with this disco-vibe tune full of energy and powerful lyrics, featuring The Voice winner Oscar Collazo. Es Causa y Efecto will be out on April 26th.

The third single is just around the corner

Estás Aquí will be released on March 22nd.

On this occasion, LESEL takes us on an unparalleled musical journey by delving into the world of classical music. Accompanied by the virtuoso pianist Felipe Rubini, internationally recognized for his talent, the…

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Toda la Vida comes to life next February 16th!

🎶 Excitement is building! On Feb 16th, the second single drops – "Toda la Vida." Brace for a Latin pop and urban vibes fusion, a joyous summer dance anthem. Get ready to elevate your mood and move to the beat!…

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LESEL's new Era is about to be released!!

Héroe is the first single of the upcoming album “Mi Mensaje”. The song will see the light on January 12th and it features the great voice of Spanish singer Ayende. Be ready to be a HERO!

The Concert Album is almost here!!

Símbolos - El Concierto brings to the audience the live experience during the acoustic show. The fourteen songs of the concert played in a different style and always at 432 Hz.

The album will be out on November 24th.

Símbolos EP will see the light on September 1st!

The five instrumental tracks of the Símbolos Concert will be released on September 1st. The five songs will help you meditate and integrate each symbol within yourself. Let unity, unconditional love, and resilience be the guiding light to navigate through…

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