The third single is just around the corner

Estás Aquí will be released on March 22nd.

On this occasion, LESEL takes us on an unparalleled musical journey by delving into the world of classical music. Accompanied by the virtuoso pianist Felipe Rubini, internationally recognized for his talent, the song takes on extraordinary depth and delicacy.
Imagine the magic that unfolds as piano notes intertwine with French horns, cellos, and violins, following the rhythm of timpani and percussion that solemnize the theme. The collaboration with Felipe Rubini elevates the auditory experience to new heights, creating a symphony that captivates and excites.
In a world where the search for external saviors is constant, "Estás Aquí" reminds us that the true solution and love are always present within us. Each chord, each note, invites us to recognize our own power to be our own saviors.

Immerse yourself in the magic of classical music fused with the unique creativity of LESEL and the skill of Felipe Rubini. Discover the depth of emotions and connection that "Estás Aquí" offers, reminding you that the solution and love you seek are always within reach.

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